Thank You to The Baltimore Review!

The Baltimore Review has accepted our poem “What I Watched on My Summer Vacation.” Thank you very much to everyone at The Baltimore Review, especially senior and founding editor Barbara Westwood Diehl. We look forward to appearing in your pages.

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Blurb – Michael Miller

In the opening poem of this sprawling collection, John F. Buckley and Martin Ott pose a beguiling question: What if poets had discovered America? The ensuing pages provide an answer of sorts, as the authors go on a freewheeling trek that encompasses the outrageous, the Gothic, the mystical and even, occasionally, the poignant. In these pages, you’ll encounter outlaws, politicians and carnies; you’ll spot a Greek goddess hanging out at the gentleman’s club, watch Indian corn popping at the 7-Eleven and learn the real reason the Cubs haven’t won the World Series since 1908. True, poets may not have discovered America. But by the time you finish this volume, you’ll feel like you’ve seen it through an explorer’s wide eyes.

-Michael Miller, publisher of Moon Tide Press and author of Thief After Dark and College Town

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Thank You to Swink!

Swink, now an online journal, has accepted our poem “Repairman.” Thank you very much to everyone at Swink, especially poetry editors Timothy Liu and Willa Carroll. We look forward to appearing in your pages.

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POETS’ GUIDE TO AMERICA Now Available for Pre-Order!

Fantastic news! After months of waiting, writing, editing, and revising by John F. Buckley, Martin Ott and editor Joe Pan Millar, Poets’ Guide to America is now available to pre-order on! We’d love it if you could help us climb the charts by requesting a copy today. Then when November 1 (the official release date) comes around, you’ll be all set to receive some of the best of what Brooklyn Arts Press has to offer. We’d like to think that the scope and vision of our book, with fifty poems on fifty states (and more!), rendered eruditely but accessibly, will provide you with a lot of enjoyment as 2012 draws to a close.

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Thank you, John Gibbs and Switchback!

Associate Poetry Editor of Switchback, John Gibbs, has provided us with a splendidly thoughtful and gracious review. We’re honored to receive such attention.

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Our First Official Review!

We’ve received blurbs from a number of litterateurs, but this is our first unsolicited review: Joanne Mallari has evaluated Poets’ Guide to America for the website Bookin’ with Sunny. She seems to like it, which is great. Thank you, Ms. Mallari!

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Thank you and thank you

Thank you, Breakwater Review, for accepting our poem “Skycast,” about fighting for control of the television on Mount Olympus. And thank you, Dos Passos Review, for accepting “TV Dinner Theater,” about the unnoticed family dramas echoing the action on the television screen. In past years, these two journals also published poems that would eventually appear in Poets’ Guide to America, and we’re equally proud to have them pick poems from our next venture, The Yankee Broadcast Network.

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Thanks, New Pages! has featured us in its latest issue (September 6, 2012) of New & Noteworthy Books! We really appreciate the mention, and hope that we live up to the “Noteworthy” mantle once November 1st comes and people can buy Poets’ Guide to America. See you then!

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Blurb – Paul Fericano

The tag-team poetry of John F. Buckley and Martin Ott is as much a kin to the works of John Ashbery and Edward Field as it is to the radio skits of George Burns and Gracie Allen. In Poets’ Guide to America, Buckley and Ott use satire and irony to follow a folded roadmap across the fractured wholeness of our poetry landscape. Their euphonious cacophony of wordplay, ingenious turn-of-the-phrase concoctions and steady stream of pop/cross culture references create an erudite mix of levelheaded nonsense and harebrained smarts. Think Wheeler and Woolsey with MFAs collaborating on a book of poems: serious art that is nothing short of funny.

-Paul Fericano, author of Sinatra, Sinatra and editor of Stoogism Anthology

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Blurb – Jaimes Palacio

In a scene oversaturated with trite, predictable fluff, it is refreshing to see challenging work of this caliber. I appreciate the ambition, scope and fantastic weirdness of this collection.

-Jaimes Palacio, author of Stuck in the Middle and Bad Chicken

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