About the Books

Poets’ Guide to America is a collection of fifty poems we began writing and getting published in various journals in the spring of 2009. With the guidance and scrupulous editing of Joe Pan Millar, we were privileged to have our book published on Brooklyn Arts Press in the fall of 2012. Beginning with an alternate history (“If Poets Had Conquered America”) and ending with a meditation on a possible afterlife (“In That Place Down the Way from This Other Place”), Poets’ Guide to America seeks to bring its unique tetranocular perspective to twenty-first-century American life and mythology, typically one state or city at a time, with humor, fantasy, compassion, and perhaps a bit of bile.

We collaborate by means of poetic volleyball, each of us taking turns writing one or more lines before bouncing the poem back to the other, both attempting to meld our distinct voices so that the resulting work displays unity rather than a whiplash-inducing interchange. So far, so good.

After the publication of Poets’ Guide to America, we continued our partnership, moving from American geography to American television, writing the poems for The Yankee Broadcast Network, which is now ready for publication. Our newest project, the third in a proposed ongoing Poets’ Guide to America series, is American Wonder, which will address the figure of the superhero.

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